Immersion Experience

2015 Immersion Experience Application is Now Open!

Preparing to Apply:

While the GET Immersion Experience program team will help you in transitioning successfully into the program, there a number of actions you must take as an applicant and participant in the program. Below is a summary of things to consider and action items before you begin the application process.

  • Check with your academic advisor to map the academic portion of the program to ensure your degree requirements can be met.
  • Consult with your GET Representative on campus to understand possible additional costs for participating in the program. Please also note that earnings made during your work experience may impact your financial aid eligibility. Discuss these items with your school’s Financial Aid Office as necessary.
  • The Immersion Experience requires you to commit to six months of work (June – December) for your employer while maintaining full time student status at your school and registering for and completing required Immersion Experience coursework.
  • You'll be responsible for finding and paying for your own housing and living expenses during the Immersion Experience program. There are many housing options in each area and cost of living is factored into the payment/salary you'll be receiving.


Participating Employers:

Employer Target University Application Deadline
PwC University of Delaware Thursday, 9/30/14, 11:59 PM
JPMorgan Chase & Co. All Friday, 10/3/14, 11:59 PM
SafeNet All Friday, 10/3/14, 11:59 PM
SevOne All Friday, 10/3/14, 11:59 PM
Stroz-Friedberg All Friday, 10/3/14, 11:59 PM
QVC All Friday, 10/3/14, 11:59 PM
KPMG University of Delaware Friday, 10/3/14, 11:59 PM
EY All Friday, 10/3/14, 11:59 PM
Deloitte All Friday, 10/3/14, 11:59 PM


Make sure to continue to check your school’s career website for new positions!


To Apply:

Please click on the appropriate link below for your College or University and search under Employer for “GET Immersion Experience.”

Le Moyne Leads System:

Ohio State University Symplicity:

University of Delaware’s Blue Hen Careers:

Rutgers University’s RaiderNet:

Syracuse University’s OrangeLink accessed through MySlice: