The Global Enterprise Technology (GET) Immersion Experience is an innovative, extended work experience for qualified undergraduate students from any college or university in any discipline of study.

Work, learn, and graduate on schedule

Participating in the GET Immersion Experience allows students to gain skills that prepare them to serve as leaders in today’s globally interconnected workplace. Immersion Experience students:

  • Join a multinational company for an 6-month paid internship that starts in the summer as a full-time, on-site experience and then transitions to the fall as either a full- or part-time position, based on the employer’s requirements.
  • Participate in pre-work training that prepares students for their internships.
  • Earn 9-12 credits toward your program of study while working.*
  • Build a network of experienced industry professionals, including upper-level executives.

*For SU students, credits are applied toward major or elective requirements. Non-SU students receive credits from their home-school and should confirm their school's policy with their academic advisor.

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